Health & Harmony Fair Sunday 18th March 2018

To ensure you get a taster session or a reading at our next Health & Harmony event on Sunday 18th March you can pre-book by contacting the therapist/card reader prior to the day on the numbers below.

Kim Aldridge is a qualified and experienced Kinesiology Practitioner, registered with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. Kim will be offering taster sessions in Kinesiology, along with information on all other health modalities offered by The Olive Tree including the hugely acclaimed RejuvaDetox wellness and weight loss system and new to the clinic, RejuvaLymph lymphatic drainage system. For further details contact The Olive Tree, Haslemere. Tel: 01428 654140.

Maria Anderson is a qualified yoga instructor, teaching adult, teens and children.  She also runs a website Wild Nest, selling ethical and organic yoga clothing, yoga mats, candles and incense.  She also sells homemade gemstone jewellery. She will be selling yoga clothing, yoga mats etc, gemstone jewellery, singing bowls, candles and incense, tea-light holders on the day.  Tel: 07984 462087,

The Angelic Realm features high quality fantasy gifts and collectables ... including Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker, Jasmine Becket-Griffith.  We stock many Nemesis Now Fairies,Dragon, Unicorns and Angels.

A new range of Flutter Babies ... which are all hand made and no two are the same, ....all made with love and a little fairy magic ..  01252 621708

Natasha Brittan is an energy, chakra and Reiki healer who works with clients who feel overwhelmed with life and who are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. As well Natasha sees clients who are managing feelings of loss or serious health issues. She sees clients at her clinic in Haslemere and at the Fountain Centre, St Lukes Cancer Hospital in Guildford. Natasha is also a mindfulness teacher who teaches adults, teens and children's group courses and private 1-1 sessions in Haslemere. She will be offering special discounts for treatments and mindfulness courses so pop along, say hello and have a chat 🙂

Jenny Browett offers a range of massage therapies customised to suit your needs.  Specialising in NO HANDS® Massage, Thai Massage and Deep Tissue work, appointments are available at her location in Liphook or home visits can be arranged. Tel: 07576 316550

Robert Burlinson runs Academy of Inner Resonance (AIR) a school of subtle energy healing and inner development based in Godalming, Surrey.  AIR runs a two year part-time professional diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine, as well as workshops and retreats including an upcoming retreat at Findhorn in June.

On the day AIR will be selling crystals and providing info on courses and retreats.  We will also be available to answer any questions on crystals or subtle energy healing so please come and say hello. Tel: 01428 681703

Sue Griffiths - Hand crafted jewellery  01428 641015

Samantha Hardwick is a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner and Mentor and runs Time Out Therapies and Training based in Haslemere.  Samantha is a Reiki Master Teacher and experienced complementary therapist.  She is qualified in NO HANDS® Massage, NO HANDS® Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Vertical Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling, Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  Samantha runs regular Meditation courses, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki courses to all levels, Reiki Shares and Understanding your Charka courses.  Samantha will be offering No Hands Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Tel: 07974 682525

Polly Harnett is a Lightworker and Reiki Practitioner. She will be offering Mediumship and Tarot card readings. Tel: 07890 735027

Helen Jones has always had an affinity for colour and found she was guided to recommend outfits from her earliest days working in clothing shops. She trained in 2006 as an Aura Soma consultant, Numerologist and Feng Shui advisor. In 2014 she trained in Aura Photography with the talented Frank Line. Frank has been guided by spirit to use Aura Photography in a new dynamic way for personal wellbeing. Helen has been training and working alongside Frank and is excited to offer this previously unseen method of Aura and Chakra Photography. She will be bringing her full set of Aura Soma bottles for consultations on the day. Tel: 07513 017362

Jeanette Jones will  be bringing her eco friendly/no harsh chemical products to share with you.

Nimisha Lakhani is a natural henna artist who mixes her own reiki infused paste.  She likes to do intuitive and intentional henna and especially loves to use henna as a therapy.  In addition to body art, Nimisha creates bespoke pieces of art on many different types of media.  Please do contact to pre-book an appointment to guarantee your henna without queueing. Tel 07564 974131.

Florence McVeigh - Origins Food & Joy Creations will be catering this event.

After spending many years as an Naturopath, advising clients to discover new ways to improve their health with good nutrition, I started Origins last year to focus on producing healthy and nutritious food.

My inspiration comes from international chefs and cooks who amazingly combine wholesome and beautiful food. I have been experimenting, associating colours, textures and flavours; keeping in mind health and well-being. Who wants to choose between the pleasure of eating delicious food and being in great shape? I don't!

Origins Food by Flo is all vegan, Free from Gluten & refined sugar and rich in natural nourishing ingredients.

Origins cookies, brownies, energy balls and desserts which are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and are low in sugar. You can find these delicious products at our local Health Food Shop, cafes and online.

Vegan fusion catering: For small parties, brunch, pop-up dinners and every occasion.

Cook Learn & Brunch and Cooking Workshops where I share my expertise in Nutrition and wellbeing whilst you enjoy eating. Tel: 07908 605969

Jane Mitchell runs Hampshire Amatsu Therapy from her busy clinic in Rake, helping people manage their painAmatsu is a highly effective, ancient Japanese physical therapy.  It is a whole body treatment, with clients, being treated fully clother, that works with the body's soft tissue (e.g. muscle, tendons, fascia, ligaments and organs) to help re-balance other key mechanical and energetic structures (e.g. the spine, bones, joints, head and meridians).  This results in a restoration of symmetry and immune system enhancement, with a reduction in stress and strains, which we find in all walks of life. Tel: 07896 425497

Amy Murphy-Watts runs Natures Wish offering natural and organic skinscare, massage oils and energy sprays and flower essences. Tel: 07753 986810

Mary-Lou O'Connell qualified in 2005 in The Bowen Technique with the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) and keeps her skills up to ate by regularly attending courses which both broaden and deepen her knowledge in this very exciting field.  She is a full member of ECBS and Bowen Therapist Professional Association (BTPA).  Tel: 07501 017195

Miranda Rowe - Miranda Rowe Therapies offers Reflexology treatments, Essential Oils and Flower, Gem and Vibrational Essences consultations. These are holistic therapies so will treat the whole person and get to the root causes of your problems. Emotional and physical symptoms can be inextricably linked so often treating one symptom can bring positive change to another symptom.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, which helps relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep, helps to relieve tension and improves sense of wellbeing. Reflexology is based on the discovery that there are points on the feet which correspond to different parts of your body and stimulation at one point brings about positive response in another area.

Essential Oils are natural aromatic oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves or roots of a plant. The oils are easily absorbed into the body via the skin and lungs and are believed to affect the body on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Flower, gem and environmental essences are what I like to call vibrational vitamins. They are tools for transformation. They act as catalysts for change at a deep emotional and spiritual level.

I’m offering reflexology taster sessions at Health and Harmony with your choice of handmade cream containing essential oils and flower essences. Tel: 07778 156822

Solene Schuiteman will be joining us with her Forever Living Products.

5 years ago Solene was in a very different place! She was an exhausted mum of full-on 5 year old twins with a home based business as a Virtual Office Assistant, catching colds and bugs all the time, battling with weight problems, had bad skin, water retention underpinned by extreme fatigue & concentration problems due to the first signs of pre-menopause. 

A dear friend of hers suggested that she tried the Forever Living Products following her husband's remarkable recovery. After a few months, the improvements were so noticeable that everyone around her noticed the difference. she first tackled the  exhaustion and general wellbeing, and then followed Forever's cleaning programme.   So 9 months later she felt reborn with over 1 stone less (exactly 8.5 kg!) and feeling like a million dollar. 
Half way through those 9 months Solene looked at Forever from a business point of view and started complementing her initial home based-business. Since then she has been concentrating on helping people, and has been able to help so many, locally but also in France and in the USA. Helping others to get better is so rewarding. Lately, Solene has also reconnected with her Reiki roots thanks to the amazing Samantha Hardwick and is now offering Reiki treatments as well. Energy and nutrition, amazing synergy. It is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.  Solene is looking forward to meeting you.  Tel: 07811 146 082.
Neil Sharland is a GOsC registered osteopath and movement specialist based in Haslemere and London. Neil is passionate about human movement and bio-mechanics and has recently achieved a fellowship with the world-leading functional movement specialists at the Gray Institute in the USA. Neil strongly believes that treating pain and dysfunction requires a whole body approach. By combining traditional osteopathy techniques, functional movement patterns and medical acupuncture, Neil works with patients to help overcome their pain and unlock their true movement potential.
Verbal consultation and movement assessment/screening: Neil will be offering a 20 minute verbal consultation and movement screening for people who may be suffering from a short or long term pain condition. Neil will discuss the history of your presentation and take you through various movements to help you understand where any limitations in your body may arise from. Neil won’t be able to treat you in this time but will be able to offer some corrective exercises to take home with you. £15 for 20 mins. Tel: 07909713794
Sarah Williams is an Aromatherapist, multi-dimensional healer/teacher, holistic bodywork therapist and author.

Free Chakra Readings and samples from Sarah on the day.  The aromatherapy and chakra balancing one stop shop!  Jewellery, creams, candles, courses: Raise Your Vibration, Munay Ki  10 minute readings £5 refundable upon purchases t's and c's apply.