Health & Harmony Fair Sunday 14th October 2018

Haslewey Community Centre, Haslemere 10.00 - 4.00

To ensure you get a taster session or a reading at our next Health & Harmony event on Sunday 14th October you can pre-book by contacting the therapist/card reader prior to the day on the numbers below.

Helen Adams is a Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki practitioner and experienced Massage Therapist running her own successful business for many years in Petersfield and surrounding areas. Passionate about alternative therapies and using her experiences as a former nurse working in orthopaedics and end of life care, now integrates various Massage modalities and Aromatherapy with Meditation and Reiki Healing to work with clients of all ages to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Using aromatherapy and acupressure points to enhance Japanese Facials, Body massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage, Manicures and Pedicures. Her treatments are always bespoke to suit clients individual needs - massage can be remedial for muscular discomfort or beautifully and deeply relaxing allowing the client to completely disengage from the stresses of daily life. Helen is also a certified Angel Card Reader and enjoys passing on messages from the Angels as part of a Reiki Treatment. Helen also enjoys facilitating workshops and networking with and for other like minded therapists of all modalities, so please do get in touch if you would like to be a part of Health and Harmony! Helen will be offering Angel Card Readings and Rahanni. Tel: 07749 574681

Kim Aldridge is a qualified and experienced Kinesiology Practitioner, registered with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. Kim will be offering taster sessions in Kinesiology, along with information on all other health modalities offered by The Olive Tree including the hugely acclaimed RejuvaDetox wellness and weight loss system and new to the clinic, RejuvaLymph lymphatic drainage system. For further details contact The Olive Tree, Haslemere. Tel: 01428 654140.

Bryony Alford is a Holistic Beauty Therapist who has over 8 years experience in the industry. Her passion is to help others and her treatments aim to help her clients feel better from the inside, out. Whether it is a skin problem, back ache or anxiety, Bryony will help to relieve the energy blockage that causes the physical symptom. Bryony will be offering mini sessions of Reiki and Reflexology at the Health and Harmony Fair which is a great way for you to get a taster. Tel: 0770  408649

Maria Anderson is a qualified yoga instructor, teaching adult, teens and children.  She also runs a website Wild Nest, selling ethical and organic yoga clothing, yoga mats, candles and incense.  She also sells homemade gemstone jewellery. She will be selling yoga clothing, yoga mats etc, gemstone jewellery, singing bowls, candles and incense, tea-light holders on the day.  Tel: 07984 462087,

Jenny Browett offers a range of massage therapies customised to suit your needs.  Specialising in NO HANDS® Massage, Thai Massage and Deep Tissue work, appointments are available at her location in Liphook or home visits can be arranged. Jenny will be offering seated back, neck and shoulder massage and Thai Foot Massage. Tel: 07576 316550

Academy of Inner Resonance (AIR) is a school of subtle energy medicine and inner development based in Godalming, Surrey.  We will be selling crystals and providing info on workshops, the 2019 Findhorn Crystals Retreat and the 2 year Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma course  Tel: 01428 681703

Gigi Douglas-Hiley - Gigi works alongside a company called Forever Living who have a range of natural health and well being products, all based on the Aloe Vera Plant.  Gigi will be offering free shots of aloe vera and sharing the benefits and health reasons why people drink it.  She will also show case skincare range.  07805 274848

Rudi Fekaiki - Rudi is a qualified Reflexologist and Acupuncturist with a clinic at The Olive Tree in Haslemere.  Rudi qualified with Central London School of Reflexology in 2009 and has gone on to do Maternity Reflexology with Susanne Enzer in 2011.  She has also studied Integrated Chinese Medicine.  Rudi will be offering Reflexology taster sessions and Gua Sha (Chinese Scraping) for the neck and shoulders.  07711332816

Sonia Fourie aims to create harmony and balance in individual lives on a physical, mental or spiritual basis.  A qualified energy medicine and nutrition coach, Sonia committed to use these skills to enable everyone receptive to thrive.  Tel: 07771 342529

Samantha Hardwick is a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner and Mentor and runs Time Out Therapies and Training based in Haslemere.  Samantha is a Reiki Master Teacher and experienced complementary therapist.  She is qualified in NO HANDS® Massage, NO HANDS® Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Vertical Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling, Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  Samantha runs regular Meditation courses, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki courses to all levels, Reiki Shares and Understanding your Charka courses.  Samantha will be selling Salt lamps. Tel: 07974 682525

Helen Jones has always had an affinity for colour and found she was guided to recommend outfits from her earliest days working in clothing shops. She trained in 2006 as an Aura Soma consultant, Numerologist and Feng Shui advisor. In 2014 she trained in Aura Photography with the talented Frank Line. Frank has been guided by spirit to use Aura Photography in a new dynamic way for personal wellbeing. Helen has been training and working alongside Frank and is excited to offer this previously unseen method of Aura and Chakra Photography. She will be bringing her full set of Aura Soma bottles for consultations on the day. Tel: 07513 017362

Rosemary Knight is a Swedish massage therapist from The Olive Tree in Haslsmere.  I believe that we live in an increasingly complex and fast-paced society, meaning that taking a little time out for ourselves is more important than ever.

Florence McVeigh - Origins Food & Joy Creations will be catering this event.

After spending many years as an Naturopath, advising clients to discover new ways to improve their health with good nutrition, I started Origins last year to focus on producing healthy and nutritious food.

My inspiration comes from international chefs and cooks who amazingly combine wholesome and beautiful food. I have been experimenting, associating colours, textures and flavours; keeping in mind health and well-being. Who wants to choose between the pleasure of eating delicious food and being in great shape? I don't!

Origins Food by Flo is all vegan, Free from Gluten & refined sugar and rich in natural nourishing ingredients.

Origins cookies, brownies, energy balls and desserts which are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and are low in sugar. You can find these delicious products at our local Health Food Shop, cafes and online.

Vegan fusion catering: For small parties, brunch, pop-up dinners and every occasion.

Cook Learn & Brunch and Cooking Workshops where I share my expertise in Nutrition and wellbeing whilst you enjoy eating. Tel: 07908 605969

Jane Mitchell runs Hampshire Amatsu Therapy with clinics in Rake and Petersfield. Amatsu is a highly effective, ancient Japanese physical therapy. It is a whole body treatment, with clients, being treated fully clother, that works with the body's soft tissue (e.g. muscle, tendons, fascia, ligaments and organs) to help re-balance other key mechanical and energetic structures (e.g. the spine, bones, joints, head and meridians). This results in a restoration of symmetry and immune system enhancement, with a reduction in stress and strains, which we find in all walks of life. Tel: 07896 425497

Sam Munro runs Brightwater Reiki. Sam is a Reiki Master Teacher offering Reiki treatments to humans and animals as well as attunements to all Reiki levels.  An Animal Communicator offering one to one consultations and regular workshop.  07796 308497

Amy Murphy-Watts runs Natures Wish offering natural and organic skinscare, massage oils and energy sprays and flower essences. Tel: 07759 986810

Mary Lou O'Connell qualified in The Bowen Technique in 2005 with the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) and keeps her skills up to date by regularly attending courses which both broaden and deepen her knowledge in this very exciting field.  She is a full member of ECB and Bowen Therapist Professional Association (BTPA). Tel: 07501 017195

Victoria Page is based in Farnham, where she works as a Reiki Master/Teacher & Complementary Therapist/  She runs various workshops based on the chakras and also classes on essential oils.  As an aromatherapist she creates essential oil blends for people either through a consultation process or with her Zyto Scan software. She also sells diffuser jewellery which is a form of aromatherapy where essential oils are worn on lava stone beads or felt material encased in a pretty casing. Tel: 07789 516517

Miranda Rowe - relax, rebalance and recharge with Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower, Gem and Vibrational Essences.  Perfect for people who lead busy lives.  I will be offering Reflexology taster sessions and will have some of my essential oil and flower essence products for you to try and buy.  07778 156822

Solene Schuitemann of Inbalance4life will be offering Reiki sessions.

I consider myself a very lucky person because I love what I do. I have a corporate background which ended when I became mother of twins 11 years ago. Long commutes, working in the City of London did not feel right with raising babies. It is during the early part of my pregnancy that I discovered Reiki and completed my Reiki Level I. I had always enjoyed giving massages and if a family member, friend or a colleague felt tensed or agitated, I would naturally place my hands on their necks, shoulders or heads. They would feel better and I would feel re-energised.

The first time I heard of the word Reiki was after I helped a colleague who had a terrible migraine. I placed my hands on her head and she started to feel better and told me how strong my Reiki was. I was baffled but intrigued! In 2015, following some heart-warming feedback, I realised it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and completed my Reiki Level 2. Reiki has carried on being a revelation and I became Reiki Master Level 3 in June 2016. I completed this incredible journey in September 2017 and I am now Reiki Master Teacher, Level 4.

Since, May 2017 and in addition to my private clinic appointments, I have been volunteering as a Reiki Therapist at the Fountain Centre, Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. The Fountain Centre provides alternative therapies to cancer patients and their carers.

It is also thanks to another friend that I was introduced to Forever's products 7 years ago. At the time, I was exhausted and battling with weight issues, unwanted left overs from my twin pregnancy! Within a few months, the changes were incredible and very noticeable. At last, I was back to my optimal weight, I felt energised, my skin and my hair transformed. My whole family also benefited from using the products daily. I naturally found myself recommending the Forever with pleasure and great success. Working alongside Forever as an independent business owner as been rewarding. The company's products and ethic has allowed me to run a business on a part time basis, while looking after my children and developing my Reiki business.

Healing energy and nutrition, what an amazing synergy! It is a wonderful journey and I am delighted to share it with you.

Mob: + 44 (0)7811 146 082

Sarah Williams is an Aromatherapist, multi-dimensional healer/teacher, holistic bodywork therapist and author.

Free Chakra Readings and samples from Sarah on the day.  The aromatherapy and chakra balancing one stop shop!  Jewellery, creams, candles, courses: Raise Your Vibration, Munay Ki  10 minute readings £5 refundable upon purchases t's and c's apply.
Seventh Heaven - Handmade by Seventh Heaven Reiki infused candles with crystals and Reiki infused crystal bracelets.